Apr 23, 2014 · Same as the IP, if you use the same email or Craigslist account to post in multiple cities, the listing may be ghosted. The Title and Content are the essence of the listing. Craigslist has the ability to automatically cross match the contents to make sure every listing is unique.

How to stop Craigslist Ghosting. I will show you how to stop Craigslist ghosting your posts. Don't waste times with other sites that will give you useless information that will get you banned from Craigslist. I have walkthrough videos that will show you the right way to post and NOT get Ghosted or Banned from Craigslist. Visit *****www.howtobeatcraigslist.cu.cc for complete details. Ghosting | Craigslist's Dirty Little Secrets Revealed You can get on Craigslist any day of the week and you can find lots of spammers, people making multiple posts within the 48hour time period that the TOS says you have to allow between posts, and they don’t get ghosted. You go ahead and try making two posts in a row and you’ll be banned for life. No warnings, no review process, just BANNED! craigslist - how ads are ghosted ? | BlackHatWorld

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The easiest way is to copy your 10 digits post id from the bottom of your ad as shown in below screenshot. Now paste this post id in search in the search box of the category where you posted the ad. If you cannot find that certain ad, big chance that your post is ghosted. The other sign is when you did not get any response from your ad. If Craigslist Ad Ghosted - How to Fix Ghosting By following way, you may come to know whether Craigslist post is ghosted: Go to www.Craigslist.org main page and choose “Post to Classified”. Post ad in usual manner by choosing city and appropriate section for item. Make an advertisement by giving attractive title, contact information, images and brief description about product. How to get my Craigslist posts un-ghosted - Quora