Reporting Space-Wasting Objects in Oracle

Oracle AQ Message Replication - Database Administrators We are upgrading our infrastructure and for that we are migrating from Oracle 10g to 11g. We are using Oracle GoldenGate for data replication and it does not support replication of AQ messages as far as we know. For Persistent queue, we have import/export option available. But there are some Buffered queues as well need to be replicated. v$buffered_subscribers Tips - Burleson Oracle Consulting This view displays information about the subscribers for all buffered queues in the instance. There is one row per subscriber per queue. If any object is replicated to more than one destination, there will be multiple subscribers to the same queue. Oracle Streams Advanced Queuing Support

Jul 09, 2013

Buffered queues improve performance, but some of the information in a buffered queue can be lost if the instance containing the buffered queue shuts down normally or abnormally. Oracle Streams automatically recovers from these cases, assuming full database recovery is performed on the instance. DBA_HIST_BUFFERED_QUEUES - Oracle

Oracle AQ Buffered Queues Set Up the environnement to use SQL*Plus and to connect as SYSDBA Create a DEMO user and a User Defined Type in the 2 databases Create a database link between the source and the destination databases Create and start queues Create a subscribers on the source queue and schedule propagation to the destination queue

Managing Oracle Streams AQ - Stanford University 4.1 Oracle Streams AQ Compatibility Parameters. The queues in which buffered messages are stored must be created with compatibility set to 8.1 or higher. For 8.1-style or higher queues, the compatible parameter of init.ora and the compatible parameter of the queue table should be set to 8.1 or higher to use the following features:. Queue-level access control