Sep 13, 2014 · Once you've got a new iPhone or iPad, the first thing you're going to want to do is set it up. If you've never had an iPhone or iPad before, you'll want to set it up as new. This is also the process you'll want to use if you're clearing off an iPhone or iPad in order to sell it or hand it down to someone else, or if you just want a fresh start.

Aug 14, 2017 · Hi, this video shows you how to do the initial setup of the iPhone 7 and transfer the data/apps etc. from an iPod Touch 6th Generation. It shows a real time complete initial setup and before the Oct 10, 2019 · To set a repeating alert due date reminder on the iPhone, follow the procedure below. Step 1: Launch the Reminders app. Step 2: Select the list you would like to add an alert by tapping it. Jan 04, 2020 · Set Vacation Mode on iPhone. Now the last part is to bring up the DND mode to the Control Center, where you can turn on the DND mode to make your iPhone respond to calls and messages with an automated vacation message that you set. Go ahead to iPhone Settings > Control Center > and include Do Not Disturb While Driving. Now you are ready to Apr 24, 2020 · Put your SIM card into your new iPhone. (If it didn't come with a new or different SIM card.) Turn on your new iPhone. Plug your new iPhone into your Mac. Slide to set up on your iPhone. Follow the directions to choose your language and set up your Wi-Fi network. Select Restore from Mac or PC. Click you new iPhone under Locations in the Finder

Apr 24, 2020

Oct 10, 2019 How to setup an iPhone or iPad as new | iMore After your iPhone or iPad powers on, you'll see a welcome screen. Slide your finger …

How should you set up your iPhone to avoid unnecessary charges when traveling in Europe? We'll show you how.

How to set up your new iPhone SE the easiest way possible. If you're upgrading from an older iPhone to the shiny iPhone SE, this tool makes transferring everything a breeze. Mar 27, 2020 · The iPhone has been around for a long time, and yet there’s still no easy way to add your own custom ringtones—but it is possible. If you don’t want to buy ringtones or use the ones that came with your iPhone, you can create your own with iTunes.