Dec 14, 2015

This patch adds static route support to UCI and init scripts OpenWrt Project: Routed Client After fixing the WAN address, a static route must be added to the Access Point with the following information: IP address: ( IP address of our LAN interface) Destination LAN NET (required in DD-WRT): (our LAN interface subnet) FriendlyElec OpenWrt Router Gateway: Setting Up FriendlyWrt OpenWRT RouterFriendlyElec Gateway Router Gateway SolutionOne of the main highlights in FriendlyElec products is their FriendlyWrt software support. Friendlier is a modified Linux distribution based on the popular Open source OpenWrt framework that w Static route removed during ifup from another face - OpenWrt

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Static routes: how to route traffic through a specific gateway Jul 30, 2015 firewall - How can I define static routes between two # Route to router 3 subnet config route option interface lan # remote subnet that route is for (called destination on dd-wrt i think) option target # net mask of subnet on router 3) option netmask # ip address of next hop to destination subnet, router 3 wan option gateway OpenWrt Project: OpenWrt as router device In General Setup tab, in IPv4 address type in the desired static IP address for the LAN interface of your OpenWrt Router, if your main router's address is (most common), set the IP address of your OpenWrt router LAN interface to (or to something that isn't 192.168.1.X, anyway). OpenWrt Forum Archive